Ultra Depot Inc.

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The objective at the inception of ULTRA DEPOT Inc. in 1995 was simple, we went to the marine industry and asked what they require from a container depot to facilitate there operations and based on that feedback we designed a program that in real time transmits all the required data, set up a gate system that expedites the flow of containers and minimize the wait time in our terminal.

Our growth from 4 acres to our current 35 acres facility is a testament of our commitment to our original objective, which could not have been possible without the support of our clients and the devotion of our excellent staff.

Our continued quest to fulfill the changing needs of our clients continues.


ULTRA DEPOT Inc. specializes in the handling and entreposage of empty marine containers while awaiting future movement.

LRI Containers offers customers a large selection of used shipping containers for sale.

    • 6:00 am - 10:00 pm / Monday To Friday
  • We offer inspection on each unit to ensure it is cargo worthy.
  • Estimates on damaged containers provided promptly.
  • Repair service in house.
  • Daily activity and inventory report can be tailored to meet your requirement.
  • Complete EDI provided in real time.
  • Transportation service provided.
  • Acquire and coordinate shuttles between Ultra and CN Rail.
  • Site monitored video surveillance.
  • Container rentals and modifications are also available.
  • Contact us here for your personalized quote and have your storage container delivered within 2-3 business days.

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4500 Hickmore
St-Laurent, Quebec
H4T 1K2

(514) 486-7770

Jonathan Lafleur
514-486-7770 Ext: 303
Jean Dorcely
Terminal manager
514-486-7770 Ext: 226

Tyler Rappel
Sales Manager
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514-486-7770 Ext: 304

ECO Intermodal
514-486-7770 Ext: 310
General Information
514-486-7770 Ext: 221

Mantenance and Repair
514-486-7770 Ext: 225
Raynald Migneron
Container sales
514-486-7770 Ext: 305
514-444-5818 (Cell)

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